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Japanese Railroad Photographer Seiya Nakai

There must be many people whose hobbies are railroad photograph. Today, I’d like to share the photos taken by one of the Japan’s representative railroad photographers. His name is Mr….


Wasabi Stories vol.34: “Go Half Step Forward Tomorrow from Where You Were Yesterday”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Go Half Step Forward Tomorrow from Where You Were Yesterday” Today’s story teller is a jazz trumpeter, [W:Terumasa Hino], who is widely acknowledged…


A Troop of Buttocks at a Japanese Store

These are taken a t a Japanese clothing store. To show how their clothes look like on body, most stores use mannequins. At this store, there was a troop of…


Green Tea Face Soap That Tops Various Skin Care Charts

  Wrinkle, spot and dark circles under eyes. They are the great enemies for women. In Japan, it is now said that to remove the cause of the enemies, invisible…


Wasabi Stories vol.33: “Forgiving is Life Itself”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Forgiving is Life Itself” Today’s storyteller is a famous Japanese water color painter [W:Mitsumasa Anno]. He is best known as an author of…


Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] in Japan

Yesterday, I went to an garage kits event called Wonder Festival 2010. Professional and amateur modelers bring the kits that they put all their skills into, and display and sell…


Three Major Night Views of Japan

  The Valentine’s Day is coming right around the corner. For the romantic night, these three night views are perfect! First view is from Mt. Hakodate in Hakodate, [W:Hokkaido].  …


Wasabi Stories vol.32: “Don’t ask right away. Find on your own first.”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Don’t ask right away. Find on your own first.” Today’s story is a prominent voice actor, [W:Nachi Nozawa]. He is famous for dubbing…

[VIDEOS] Japanese Funny Cats – Part 3

  This is a collection of funny cat’s videos!  To see the part 2, click HERE. “A Parakeet Teases a Cat”   Turn up the volume, and you can hear…


Different Faces Found on Violin Family

Many of you may be able to play some sort of musical instrument, is there a violinist? I read a unique blog article about the violin family. This blogger was…


Wasabi Stories vol.31: “Don’t be hasty! Don’t compare! Don’t give up!”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Don’t be hasty! Don’t compare! Don’t give up!” Today’s story teller is a member of a female vocal/dance group SPEED, [W:Eriko Imai]. Working…