Three Major Night Views of Japan


The Valentine’s Day is coming right around the corner.

For the romantic night, these three night views are perfect!

First view is from Mt. Hakodate in Hakodate, [W:Hokkaido].


view from Hakodate

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The silhouettes of the two bays make great composition.

In Japan, Hakodate’s view is counted in the three world best night views along with Naples and Hong Kong.

The second view is from Mt. Maya in Kobe, [W:Hyogo Prefecture].


摩耶山(掬星台) posted by (C)G@K1


The view point is called Kikuseidai, which means “scooping stars with hands”.

The third view is from Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, [W:Nagasaki Prefecture].


稲佐山の夜景 posted by (C)プレティオ


The Nagasaki harbor that can be seen from the view point is called “crane habor” because of the crane like shape.

The common things about the three night views are they are all by the ocean, and the best view points are the top of the mountains.

The nature made the beautiful silhouettes, and the jewelry-like twinkles are made by humans; therefore, the views are like unison of nature and man-made.


This is JAPAN Style!


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