Japanese House Reform Show “BEFORE AFTER That’s a DRAMATIC CHANGE!”


This Japanese TV show, “Before After”, is a house remodeling show that each time a top class architect reforms a horrible house in Japan.


The architects in the show are called “takumi” meaning “grand master”, whose ideas are always amazing.

The video below is one of them. Check this out (the description is below).

The house is 42 years old, single story made of wood.

The size is only about 20 square meters. There are 2 rooms with a small kitchen and a bathroom.

4 people (parents and a son and a daughter) live in it.

3 of them sleep in the open closets (called oshiire in Japanese).

Takumi made the house higher for more rooms.

The large glass entrance door brings light into the house as well as the roof window.

The new dining and living room got many many storages! And a customizable table.

Takumi never wastes spaces, even above the island kitchen.

Japanese style bedroom has a vanity for the mother and automatic hoisting storages in the ceiling.

The stairs can be taken out when they go to the son and the daughter’s rooms where they got foldable desks, beds, and sliding doors to outside.

The reform cost about 8,000,000 yen (89,600 US Dollars) without the design fee.

In the show, every time the change is incredible.

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