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Live Together with Stray Cats; Communally-Owned Cats

Local communities are more and more interested in an activity to own stray cats communally; this way we no longer have to make a sad and controversial decision on such…

Manga Cafe x Cat Cafe = Heaven!

  There are tons of manga cafes in Japan, and they keep struggling to differentiate themselves by offering unique services. One manga cafe located in Tokyo, “Comic Buster WILL BE…

Feline Duo, Nyalan And Deshi, Play “Hyakunin Isshu”

  Jalan, the popular Japanese travel website/magazine, has the cutest feline mascots named “Nyaran” (the master) and “Deshi” (the follower) . These two cats journey to many alluring places in…

[Photoblog] Statue of Buddha and Cat

What are you doing there, sweetheart~~?? LolTaken at Chogakuji Temple. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

Send Cute Picture and Win a Prize! Cat Picture Contest 2013

22nd of February was Cat’s day in Japan, so let me say Happy belated cat’s day to all cat lovers around world:-D!  It seems a Japanese theme park announced that…

Cats are More Adorable in Nighttime

A cat at night.   Cats are cute. We all know. Everyone knows this fact well as much as hamburgers and currys are delicious. But, wait a minute. The cats seen in…

[Photoblog] Mascot Cat

Mascot cat of a store.Taken at the approach of Hasedera Temple. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Cat at Chogaku-ji Temple

Taken at a parking of Chogaku-ji Temple. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Cat at Chogakuji Temple

According to Miki, the photographer, there are many cats around Chogakuji Temple, and she enjoys taking picture of them.^^ Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

Necoworking: Work with Cats

  Today, I would like to introduce a co-working space called “Necoworking”, opened last year in Suido-bashi, Tokyo. But first of all, what does “co-working” mean? Well, co-working is like…

[Photoblog] An Old Shopping Street and a Cat

  It seems Yanaka is famous for its large population of cats. Miki, the photographer thought this street is full of characters♪ Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)  …