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This site mainly introduces COOL Japanese products and services, besides unique news from Tokyo.

Information such as Japanese pottery, FUROSHIKI wrapping clothes, electrical appliances, manga, anime, toys, young fashion, pop magazines and fashion accessories will be posted everyday. I don’t take up news but unique and funny materials and cool Japan products.

What I want to send you through this blog are “hearts” of Japanese people. I want many people to know the real hearts of the Japanese and the true picture of Japan that you can not see in news and books.

Taking a single item for example, there are always “mind” on the item and process that contains the creator’s spirit behind it; however, these kinds of information rarely come to surface.

As you can see, the Japan Style’s logo is written in Japanese calligraphy. That is because I want you to feel the “momentum” of Japan, and it also cautions myself that we Japanese must always be forward-looking and challengers.

Well, enough serious talk. To sum up, as the administrator, nothing makes me happier than the readers feel like “I thought Japanese people were all serious and boring but they are actually fun” or “Japanese people are working so hard, I think I can do it too!” (^_^)


Please enjoy it! 😉



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[About Me…]

I’m living in Tokyo.

When I was a child, I suffered from a disease called perthes syndrome.

I was hospitalized about 3 years during my grade school, and then I underwent surgery and rehabilitation.

At graduate school, I studied the poverty of the developing countries by linking “A theory of Justice” written by John Rawls to the problems in the developing countries.

After graduated from graduate school, I worked as a “salary man” for about 10 years.

While I served as a Vice President of a company, I experienced difficult situations; the business went under and got involved with the courts.

Having impressed by free IP phone software “Skype”, I started a business that centers Skype, in September 2005, when I was in my middle thirty.

At present, I sell products made in Japan through an internet store for the world, and also manage an English blog with the concept of “Sending Japan to the World”, hoping that my merchandising business contributes to Japan.

Incidentally, I believe that I was born on a mission to “help others”.

In Japan, atrocious crimes are more recurrent than before.

It is very lucky that I can live peacefully without involving those crimes, and it makes me sure that “my life was given”.

I have a strong will to use this “given life” for others.

My lifetime goal is to “contribute toward the development of Africa”, and wishing to migrate to Africa after winding up my business at the age of 55.

By the way, I am completely Mac (Apple) person, so I will get along with Mac people more than Windows people 😛

Thank you.




P.S. My interest is to listen Rock of 1980’s. Ex. Journey, Police, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Tears for Fears, something like that.

And, I love Japanese Anime “BLEACH”.


Feel free to ask any messages!!!




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