Green Tea Face Soap That Tops Various Skin Care Charts


Wrinkle, spot and dark circles under eyes. They are the great enemies for women.

In Japan, it is now said that to remove the cause of the enemies, invisible dirt on skin, cleaning with fine foam is effective.

As a soap which has fine foam with great adsorption, this green tea soap called “Cha no Shizuku” by Yuuka Co., Ltd. has gained excellent review by women’s word of mouth.


green tea soap called “Cha no Shizuku” posted by (C)ちろまま


It is made from chemical-free tea, so it is kind to delicate facial skin.

The form is so elastic and fine that it can catches the fine dirt in pores and wrinkles.

Not only did “Cha no Shizuku” ranked top in various Cosmetic Awards of major women’s magazines such as “InRed”, “Oggi”and “Biteki”in 2009, it also the best selling facial soap in 2008, according to a survey.

The set of the 60g soap with a foaming net is 1,980 yen (US$22).

It is not cheap as a regular soap but women of wide age range love this soap.


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