50% of Japanese Want to Own Their Own Business?

Today, I would like to introduce an article about Japanese people’s feeling toward starting own business.

After the collapse of Japanese traditional employment system, lifetime employment, more and more people change their jobs purely for their career enhancement and start their own business.  In order to see such trend in Japanese workers, a recruitment company conducted a survey.  As a result, almost 40% of people who responded to the questionnaire showed their interest to start their own business in the future.

When you look at the male-female ration, 43.2% of male are interested in launching their own business while rate for female was 23.7%; you can see that rate for male is much greater than the other.  When it comes to male aged between 25 and 29, about 1 in 2 male has such a dream!


Japanese businessmen

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I knew that more and more people are interested in starting own business, but 1 in 2 is far more than I expected!  w(・o・)w  To be honest, this was a bit surprise for me.  As for myself, I started my own business 7 years ago after working as a corporate employee, so needless to say, I’m keen on this kind of news.

Also, according to the survey, what people are interested to do by being independent can vary, but typical ones are as follows; establishing their own company; launching small-sized business; working as a freelance; launching joint business with friends; establish NPO business, etc…

So, people do have a dream, but how many people have a strong intention to start their own business in near future, you think?  Well, actually, only 7% of those showed interest in launching their own business are willing to take some action immediately, but 45% are showing hesitation to act right now despite their interest.

This must be reflecting current economic climate as it is so clear for everybody that launching new business cannot be so easy now…  This is why only less than 10% of them are willing to act now .


What do you think about today’s article?

Have you started your own business?  Or are you currently considering starting your own business? Please let me know about your country, too.


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