Japanese Railroad Photographer Seiya Nakai

There must be many people whose hobbies are railroad photograph.

Today, I’d like to share the photos taken by one of the Japan’s representative railroad photographers.

His name is Mr. Seiya Nakai, and he has traveled through Japan to take railroad photos.


In his BLOG, he posts new photos everyday, and the photos are very beautiful and sooth my heart.

The words attached on the photos are wonderful too!

From the great collection of his photos, let me show some of them.

Japanese train Japanese train
Japanese train Japanese train
Japanese train Japanese train

This is the professional photographer.

Since I started this blog (JAPAN Style), I take more pictures by myself but never can take like Mr. Nakai!

We are both human beings but why there is such huge difference?? lol


I look forward to his blog update everyday.


In his blog, there are a lot of Japanese trains shown, which must drive railroad fans crazy.

Even if you are not one of them, you might like it, so please visit his BLOG!

Reference:”Ichinichi Ittetsu”


This is JAPAN Style!


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