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This is a quick guide for you.

Basically, Japan Style post three articles everyday; two regular articles and one that introduces Japanese product.

Any big news covered by such websites as CNN or Yahoo will be not on this blog.

Because it is impossible to include all information here, it would be better to check other Japan related blogs for further information.


1. How to read the past entries
You can read the past entries from “Archives” on Sidebar.

You can put a keyword in the search box on upper right to find what you are interested.


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The blog’s RSS tag is HERE. By hooking up with RSS Reader, you can keep up to date with the latest posts.


3. Introducing other Japan-related blogs
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4. About comment
The comment box is opened now. Also, I would like to communicate with the readers through twitter or the fan page in facebook.



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5. Shop page
On the top of the page, there is “Shop” in the menu.

Since some items introduced in this blog are available on the shops, please feel easy to visit them.

If you can’t find the item you are looking for, please contact us through the contact page. We will help you as much as possible.


6. About Wasabi Stories
Japan Style irregularly posts “Wasabi Stories,” which are English and summarized version of news paper column written in Japanese by Famous Japanese people.

We try to pick stories without regard for nationality, and something like “wisdom of life” that beneficial to anyone’s life.

You may find a story that helps you in your future life. Please read them. To know more about “Wasabi Stories,” please read HERE.


7. Question and Request
Please contact us through the contact page, if you have request such as “I want you to write about this,” “I have good copy. Do you want to write about it?,” “I want to post advertisement,” “I want to send out a questionnaire to Japanese people,” “I want you to review for my product or store,” “I want to buy the item introduced on the blog” and so on. Please feel free to talk about business.

We sometimes take long to reply. Your understanding would be appreciated.


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