Wasabi Stories vol.32: “Don’t ask right away. Find on your own first.”


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“Don’t ask right away. Find on your own first.”

Today’s story is a prominent voice actor, [W:Nachi Nozawa].

He is famous for dubbing Bruce Willis, Al Pacino and Alain Delon’s voices.

The story was about when he just started the career.

He went to the audition for the voice of Illya Kuryakin from “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”, an American TV drama series, and he first met a director Teruo Takiyama, who gave a great influence on Nozawa’s life.

After that, they started working together but Takizawa was really hard on him.

Even when Nozawa asked him to retake a scene, he just said “feel humiliated when it’s aired” and never accepted to his request.

Not understanding Takiyama’s intention, Nozawa got really stressed out and jumped out from the studio three times.

Although Nozawa didn’t have good impression of him, later he found that Takiyama diligently checked TV guide to find the programs that Nozawa in and watched them.

Nozawa explains the feeling to know the fact.

“That went to my heart. All the time he seemed like as if he pushed me off, but he had sincerely been watching me grow as an actor.”

Time went by; Nozawa founded a voice actor’s school and teaches the students everyday.

What he consider when he communicate with the students is that they easily asks him “What does this line mean?”

Knowing that how an actor says the line tells if the actor observes “human” enough, Nozawa tells the student who continuously asks such question,

“Don’t ask others. Humiliate yourself.”

In that word, there is Nozawa’s strong intention to take over the Takiyama’s sharp teaching towards (voice) actors.

The NIKKEI Apr/30/2009 by Nachi Nozawa (voice actor)


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