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Wasabi Stories vol.27: “Result Doesn’t Always Count All”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Result Doesn’t Always Count All” Today’s story teller is a manga writer [W:Tetsuya Chiba]. He spoke his thoughts on the issue that “Today’s…

Play Street Fighter with Imaginary Playable Game Controller

  BANDAI is going to release the first “Mousou Controller (Imaginary Playable Game Controller)”series. It’s a small game controller designed just like original Nintendo system. With this controller, you can…


New Style Plant Pot Found on the Corner of Japanese Street

Numerous plant pots in the world but these pots must be strange to you. These plant pots found in front of a shop in Japan are RAIN BOOTS! Because the…


Wasabi Stories vol.26: “Life is a continuous effort to reduce the complaints”

  — About Wasabi Stories… —   “Life is a continuous effort to reduce the complaints” Today’s article is an interview of a famous author [W:Nobuko Takagi]. Interviewer: “How do…


Fun Japanese Bath Tablets with Toys

  In Japan, most people use bath salt or tablet when they take bath. So, there are all kinds of bath salt/tablets found at stores. Today, let me introduce some…


Japanese Heroes vs. American Heroes

One of my favorite SFX movie genres, henshin (transformation) hero. For example, in American movies there are Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. Hero movies are very popular here in Japan too….