The Wonderful World of Para Para Manga – Flip Book



You know flip book right?

In Japan we call it “para para manga”. I think it’s basically an original form of animation.


The other day, “Para Para Manga Exhibition” was held in Tokyo, and there is an interesting review of the exhibition in a blog I read, so let me share it with you today.

In this exhibition, artists and illustrators show their para para manga that are full of their personalities.

The visitors can enjoy various types of flip books from artistic ones to eccentric ones.

Let me show you some works.



– Report Starts Here –


The exhibition was first held in 2006 and this time it’s the third time.

Every time the gallery gets full of visitors.


It’s a type of exhibition which the visitors flip each work on the wall.


“Got angry!” It’s smooth because it has many pages. The book that makes you want to flip when you think.

This made me say “Wow!” when I flipped. Beautiful.

Although they’re manga, there was no rule on binding and some are uniquely bound.

The cover is artificial turf.

There are various types of materials used, and there are even ones that can’t be flipped.

Most un-flippable ones were the knit ones.

It’s hard to flip… It’s slow motion but enjoy lol.

This is awesome! 3D flip book!

You have to wear the red and blue glasses before you flip it. It’s three dimensional alright.



Some works were sold.


It was a small scale exhibition but there were many visitors including children who were flipping around with deep concentrations.

Through this exhibition, I found that flip book is a great expression technique.

It’s cool that you can create animation with pen and paper only; without electricity.


Last but not least, the most impressive work at the exhibition, according to the reporter lol.


– Report Ends –



Wow, great works!


Different ideas and different devices made such varieties of fun flip books!

The exhibition made me think creativity is boundless (^_^)


Source: Daily Portal Z



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