[VIDEOS] Japanese Funny Cats – Part 3


This is a collection of funny cat’s videos!  To see the part 2, click HERE.

“A Parakeet Teases a Cat”


Turn up the volume, and you can hear the white parakeet meowing.

Because it sounds like a cat, the master sometimes gets confused.

The cat looks “whatever” but the parakeet looks it really wants to play with t he cat (^_^)


“Cats’ Conversation ? They can speak human language!?”


They sound like talking in Japanese.

Black Cat: “I saw a paper boy.”
Black Cat: “Hmm. What is whaaat?”
Caramel Cat: “Simply.”
Black Cat: “Wow!”
Caramel Cat: “Good Luck.”
Black Cat: “Tha…Thank you.”


“A Cat’s Intensive Training”


This is a male Scottish fold, Maru. He has aspiration to slide into a beer package better than ever.

If you fell in love with him, and want to know more about him, here is the introduction video of Maru.

He is cute in this video too!



This is JAPAN Style!


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