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A Vehicle in a Vineyard as if Coming From an Action Movie

Let me introduce a blog posted by a Japanese blogger. The blogger visited a vineyard with his friend for picking the grapes.     He saw an amazing thing in…

Easy Way to Peel the Skin of Frozen Grapes

  The fall has come and the weather has finally cooled down in Japan. The temperature had been over 35 degrees (95 F) and it was extremely hot this summer….

Cute? Scary? Japanese Melon-Bear

  There are countless “local specialty” character goods throughout Japan. Some characters, called yuru-kyara, are especially popular. Yuru(i) means relaxing, and kyara is character, so yuru-kyara should make people relax….

Japanese Portable Watermelon Cooler

It’s been very hot summer in Japan, so no wonder this product caught people’s attentions here.    

Cardboard Boxes for Fruits

I read about an interesting post about cardboard boxes in another blog, let me share it with you. First, look at this picture.     This picture was taken at…

Banana Vending Machine in Shibuya Tokyo

  Lately this new “banana vending machine” in Shibuya got Tokyo dwellers’ attentions.    

The Morning Banana Diet

  One of the most popular diet methods among women in Japan, the Morning Banana Diet. The method is very simple; just eating bananas in the morning and you can…

Where Are Japanese Canned Fruits Come From?

It may be the same in your country, there are a lot of canned foods sold in Japan. They keep for long time and so convenient. I especially like canned…