A Vehicle in a Vineyard as if Coming From an Action Movie

Let me introduce a blog posted by a Japanese blogger.

The blogger visited a vineyard with his friend for picking the grapes.




He saw an amazing thing in the vineyard.


Check this out!


japanese car


It is an upper half couped truck.




The rack to keep grapes is set low so that you can reach for it.


japanese car


They have to go under it, and that is why the roof of the vehicle is removed. Wow! It is like a vehicle that somehow remained some of it after going through something in car chase scenes in an action movie LoL




“Wow!” Everyone was excited to see it. They crowded round the vehicle.


japanese car


The handmade number plate is adding a good impression to it. Is it OK to be like this!?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!



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