Easy Way to Peel the Skin of Frozen Grapes


The fall has come and the weather has finally cooled down in Japan. The temperature had been over 35 degrees (95 F) and it was extremely hot this summer.

Because of the hot weather, ice cream sold much better this summer. Not only drinks, but a lot of people froze various type of food to beat the heat.

I have found a Japanese blog on a convenient way of eating frozen grapes.



One of the most popular grapes, Kyoho.
It must be delicious to eat frozen grapes, but it is pain in the neck.
(Kyoho grape has a thick skin and it is not nice to eat, so Japanese people peel it.)



You take a grape and roll it a bit hard in your palms.


kyoho grape

Then only the surface malts and the skin get peeled easily.


kyoho grape

I see. It does get peeled easily ^_^



I understand that it is so easy to peel skin of fruits by doing so. I guess it is easy to come up with this idea.

Anyway, whether freezing fruits for eating is universal or not is something I am more interested to know.

So I wonder if you have a habit of freezing fruits for eating in your country as well.

In fact, I have tried frozen strawberries before. It was delicious LoL


Source: Daily Portal Z


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