Cardboard Boxes for Fruits

I read about an interesting post about cardboard boxes in another blog, let me share it with you.

First, look at this picture.


fruit box


This picture was taken at a home improvement store in [W:Yamanashi Prefecture].

Usually the boxes sold at those kinds of sores are plain.



But this store sells a lot of boxes printed fruits like in the picture.


fruits box
This is for grapes, and can contain up to 2kg.


fruits box
This one if for peaches.
There are also boxes for strawberries and cherries.


Since [W:Yamanashi Prefecture] is famous for its production of fruits, it is no wonder that such boxes are sold there.


Now, here is a question.

Who buy those boxes? And what for?

What is your guess? Farmers come and buy them?


Uh-uh, no.


The answer is “the people who were given extra fruits by farmers”, and they use the boxes to send fruits to someone.

Hmm… it is surprising that such boxes are in demand a lot!


Source: Daily Portal Z



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