Compact and Healthy! Japanese Water Purification Unit

I’d like to introduce the Japanese forefront technology that solves the problem of the world’s water shortage.

It is the world’s only technology that produces good quality mineral water out of seawater and river water. The small plant produces safe, healthy drinking water that contains 3.5 times as much oxygen as tap water utilizing the characteristics of Ozone doubly without using chemicals such as chlorine.




The durable period is 12 years. There are two types; one produces 30 tons and the other produces 100 tons of water per day. They are operated by electric power only, and easily controlled by the touch-screens. The water production cost is about 160 yen per ton, which is energy-saving. It is small (4m x 2m x 2m, container type) and mountable in a vehicle and works as a movable emergency water desalination and supply vehicle in time of disaster. In fact, when a great disaster (The Great Hanshin earthquake) hit Japan in the past, it was sent out to the disaster area to supply 60 tons of water per day for the local hospitals to perform dialysis without compensation.

At present, the water plants are used in mineral water business; three in Indonesia, one in Korea, and one in Japan. The diversity of the plant is beyond the realm of the mineral water business.




water machine


It is excellent, revolutionary technology! For inquiries, please contact us via the form below.

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