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Japanese Washi Paper: fridge magnet (dragon)

  This is a magnet made with Japanese washi paper. As it is a year of ‘dragon’, dragon motif items have been sold very well in Japan. Washi paper is…

Cute? Scary? Japanese Melon-Bear

  There are countless “local specialty” character goods throughout Japan. Some characters, called yuru-kyara, are especially popular. Yuru(i) means relaxing, and kyara is character, so yuru-kyara should make people relax….

JAPAN Style 1st Anniversary Campaign! Free Gift Giveaway! – Part2

    Today is the second day of the free gift campaign (to see the first gift, click HERE). Today’s gift is “sushi magnet” ! (brand new).  

Realistic Fake Food Samples in Japan!

Many restaurants in Japan have window displays to have fake food samples inside, so that customers can see what their food like before they go into the restaurants.   They…