Where Are Japanese Canned Fruits Come From?

It may be the same in your country, there are a lot of canned foods sold in Japan.

They keep for long time and so convenient. I especially like canned fruits.

Of course, nothing better than fresh fruits but canned fruits are syrupy and I always liked them since I was a child.

The other day, I found an interesting blog about canned fruits. Let me share it with you.

First, look at these pictures.

Japanese Canned Fruits

From the left, white peach, Western pear, pineapple and yellow peach.

These are the popular canned fruits in Japan.

The each fruit’s country of origin is following.

White Peach

Japanese Canned Fruits

White peach is from China. Sounds usual.

Western Pear

Japanese Canned Fruits

Western pear is from Republic of South Africa. Hmm…That’s unexpected.


Japanese Canned Fruits

Pineapple is from Thailand. Uh huh, I see that.

Yellow Peach

Japanese Canned Fruits

Yellow peach is from Greece. It was the most surprising one.

I had thought most of the fruits came from China; it was surprising that some are from South Africa or Greece.

It’s kind of fun to know which country the food you’re eating comes from (^_^)

Reference: Daily Portal Z


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