Japanese Portable Watermelon Cooler

It’s been very hot summer in Japan, so no wonder this product caught people’s attentions here.


water melon

"MarugotoTamachan" (c) JOYBOND CO. LTD.


Marugoto Tamachan is a portable cooling and warming apparatus, especially designed to carry a watermelon. In Japan, we often take watermelons to beaches or mountains and play suikawari (walermelon smashing game), so with this cooler, we can enjoy a cold watermelon outside.

Marugoto Tamachan comes with an extendable handle, AC/DC power and a cigar socket, and a net for water melon!

Again, it is a warmer too, so you can keep canned coffee, tea (they are common in Japan), steamed bun, rice balls or anything. It might be handy like when you go watch your children’s soccer game to take snack and drinks to bench.

The price is 19,950 yen (US$237), which is not as cute as it looks, but it will worth buying for watermelon lovers and outdoor families.



This is JAPAN Style!



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