Banana Vending Machine in Shibuya Tokyo


Lately this new “banana vending machine” in Shibuya got Tokyo dwellers’ attentions.


banana vending machine




Dole Japan Ltd. installed the machine on June 23 in a building connected to Shibuya Station. According to the company, it sold more than a thousand of bananas in the first week.


The bananas are supplied three times a week.




To not damage bananas, four layered shock absorber mats are laid on the bottom of the dispensing slot.

It may be good for quick energy charge and convenient but the price is rather expensive; one banana is 130 yen (US$1.50) and a bunch of bananas (600 g) is 390 yen (US$4.40).

Since it was installed, it became a subject of twitter and some media. The person in charge of the vending machine was surprised by the people’s reactions and said “We will install more machines at such places as offices and campuses. Also we would like to develop other fruits’ vending machines.



This is JAPAN Style!


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