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Miniature Japanese Art Piece in Capsule

    This is a copy of Hokusai work. It is one of his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, the woodblock print series. A blogger got this from a capsule…

Super Realistic Man-Made Butterfly Flying

  It just looks so real… Please check this video.    

A Hilarious Video Showing Japanese Tradition

  The video below titled, “The Japanese Tradition: Origami” looks like an instructional video but it’s actually a joke video!    

Fun Greeting Card Found at 100 yen Shop -Part 2: “A Romantic Card”

Following to the “Fun Greeting Card Found at 100 yen Shop -Part1”, I want to show another card.   This one looks very fancy.  

$0.99 start! Japanese Go Ban Game Board Japan

    This is a used Japanese Go game board (not included go stones).

Tokyo Diorama made with LEGO

  In a past post, I introduced “Pop-up LEGO to Reveals Kinkaku-ji”. Today, I want to show you some LEGO work exhibited at LEGO Stadium in Nasu Highland Park. This…

$0.99 start! Vintage Japanese Go Ban Game Borad with Stones

    This is the Japanese Go game board and stones set. I think the material of this board is KAYA, but I don’t know details. There are some scratches…

Wasabi Stories vol.132: “Enjoying your life is more advantageous”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Enjoying your life is more advantageous” Today’s story teller is a professional Go player, Masaki Takemiya.   “Whether you worry or not, the…

Beautiful Funny Japanese Kites

  Wide varieties of kites are made and enjoyed in the world, for example, there are Chinese dragon kites, Indian colorful kites, and some people enjoy kitesurfing. In Japan, flying…

Slip-on Fingertip Calligraphy Brush “Yubi-fude”

There is an interesting calligraphy brush that appears in newspapers lately. It is a slip-on fingertip calligraphy brush “Popcorn Yubi-fude” developed by calligraphy supply maker Boku-undo Co., based in the…

Textbooks for Elementary Schoolers made by Game Companies

  NAMCO and BANDAI are world known Japanese toy and game companies, but now, the NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. (NBGI) is going into education world. NBGI has produced many popular…