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Incredible Japanese Origami Master, Satoshi Kamiya

  Phoenix by Satoshi Kamiya   Can you believe it is a folded ONE sheet of paper?   This origami “Phoenix” was made by a Japanese origami artist, Satoshi Kamiya….

Japanese Animal SHOGI

Animal Shogi posted by (C)北ハム広報係   Animal Shogi (“dobutsu shogi” in Japanese) is a simplified version of Shogi.

Takara ROBO-Q — Tiny Cute Japanese Smart Robot

  Takara Tomy’s ROBO-Q is the world tiniest artificial intelligence bipedal locomotion robot toy.  

Japanese Mega Hit Toy BEYBLADE

  It seems many Japanese children will get Beyblade from Santa Claus this year. It is a spinning top manufactured by TAKARA. The toy sold over 160 millions in the…


  Last weekend, I went to the “INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009” held in Tokyo. “This show is designed to provide a place to exhibit robots and related equipments in order…

Self Arrange-able Fireworks Projector for a New Year, SEGA Toys

  This fireworks (see Japanese fireworks festival) projector “Uchiagehanabi” released by SEGA toys is perfect for a New Year Eve party!!

BANDAI Unique Mini Toys Series — Infinitely Able XXX ? Part 2

  These key chain toys called “mugen ni dekiru series” meaning “Infinitely Able XXX” from BANDAI, look silly but many people got hooked on them. Following to the 3 toys…

BANDAI Unique Mini Toys Series — Infinitely Able XXX ? Part 1

  These toys are funny but they work as stress relief like a stress ball!! BANDAI, a Japanese toy company, develop unique key chain toy series called “mugen ni dekiru…

Japanese Thousand Origami Cranes is a Get Well Gift

  The most classic and popular origami work is crane. Every Japanese person has made it at least one time. In Japan, crane is a symbol of longevity as well…

Japanese ORIGAMI — Make a Christmas ornament with origami!!

    Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.   In Japan, it’s a major craft at kindergartens and also it’s popular at nursery homes. Regardless of their ages,…

POKEMON Center in Japan

    Unfortunately, there is no permanent Pokemon theme park in Japan, but there are the Pokemon Centers where you can get exclusive Pokemon goods, interact with other players, download…