Tokyo Diorama made with LEGO


In a past post, I introduced “Pop-up LEGO to Reveals Kinkaku-ji”.

Today, I want to show you some LEGO work exhibited at LEGO Stadium in Nasu Highland Park.

This is a LEGO made Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), one of the main gates at Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.


asakusa lego

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You can see the famous big lantern, and the statues of Rijin (god of thunder) and Fujin (god of wind) on each side of the gate.

To compare, this is the actual Kaminarimon.


kaminarimon gate

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In the museum, whole Senso-ji temple is recreated with LEGO. Here is the video.




According to the museum, it took about 170 hours and 10,000 pieces of LEGO to make the five story pagoda.

The temples and the Nakamise-dori (shopping arcade) are really well made to the details.

They also have contemporary side of Tokyo.

This is Roppongi Hills…


roppongi hills

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Tokyo Tower…


tokyo tower

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And Shibuya!

You can see the SHIBUYA109 on the right.


shibuya lego

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This is a video of the Shibuya made with.




It is fun to see what each person is doing.

I have been all of these sites and I can say, they look like the actual places.

And it’s cool to see the familiar scene recreated with LEGO!



This is JAPAN Style!


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