Fun Greeting Card Found at 100 yen Shop -Part 2: “A Romantic Card”

Following to the “Fun Greeting Card Found at 100 yen Shop -Part1”, I want to show another card.


flower card
This one looks very fancy.



flower card
As you can see, it says “Romantic card”.


flower card
It is printed refined beautiful flowers.


flower card
Good quality too.


flower card
It is so elaborate that I can hardly believe it is 100 yen…


flower card
As usual, the blogger left a message and drawing on the card.


Are you ready to see it?


This is it !!!


flower card




This must be…

Yes, Pakkun Flower (Piranha Plant) from Super Mario Brothers Series!

He probably came up with that because the card is flower?

As always I was surprised with the blogger’s drawing skill and uniqueness of his idea (^_^)


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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