Textbooks for Elementary Schoolers made by Game Companies


NAMCO and BANDAI are world known Japanese toy and game companies, but now, the NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. (NBGI) is going into education world.

NBGI has produced many popular game titles including Pac-Man and Tekken.



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The textbooks for elementary students that NBGI produced were approved by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and they will be used from next school year.

To a long-established textbook publisher, NBGI brought the idea to “go into educational business and utilize their skill to entertain children.”

And then they made Math, Science, and Japanese textbooks with game elements.

Setting the goal of making “the textbooks that children want to open even outside of classes”, they made a Math book with RPG game like story, where children can challenge math problems while traveling and collecting the keys to get a treasure.

The characters setting is detailed and drawn with manga touch, so that the books can attract children.


I think these textbooks help children to enjoy their study.

Many Japanese children go to cram school after school, but if children enjoy and concentrate the study at school, they may not have to go to cram school.



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