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Rice Bread Cooker “GOPAN” Popular in Japan

  One of the best selling products now in Japan is “GOPAN,” the world first rice bread cooker that can make bread from rice grain. Since SANYO Electric released the…

Rice Bread Cooker: GOPAN

  Next month the Japanese electric company, SANYO, introduces the world first rice bread cooker: GOPAN. GOPAN = gohan (rice) + pan (bread). Recently, rice bread has become very popular…

Japanese Rice Lovers’ Barbecue!?

  As you may know, Japanese people love rice so much. It might be a little amazing to hear that we cook rice even when we’re having an outdoor barbecue party….

Paddy Field Art -Tanbo Art in Japan

      This is a tanbo art -paddy field art in English- exhibited in Inakadate village in [W:Aomori Prefecture] in 2009. It is NOT painted or burnt but various…

Dango – Japan’s Favorite Treat

Dango is Japanese traditional all season snack, made from rice flour and often served on a skewer.     It’s a casual snack but often eaten at special occasion like…

Japanese NORITAKE Brand Pair Bowl

    This is the Japanese NORITAKE brand Pair Bowl (rice bowl).  

Agriculture Boom among Youngs in Japan

  Kitchen garden is no more for only elder people or retired people in Japan. In recent years, kitchen garden is popular among 20s to 30s young people.  

Books, Umbrellas, Business Cards — Japanese Vending Machines Part2

    In 2008, the total sales of vending machines in Japan was 5 trillion 747 billion 800 million yen. None of other country sold that much with their vending…

Matsutake — Japanese Mushroom

Matsutake is a popular autumn mushroom. It is hard to cultivate matsutake and cannot be in mass production, so they are considered as rich food. Especially Japanese matsutake are expensive;…