Rice Bread Cooker: GOPAN


Next month the Japanese electric company, SANYO, introduces the world first rice bread cooker: GOPAN. GOPAN = gohan (rice) + pan (bread).

Recently, rice bread has become very popular in Japan because it tastes good, helps increase consumption of more Japanese rice, and is safe for people who are allergic to wheat flour. Rice bread is usually baked with special rice flour, but it is hard to find at regular stores.

An groundbreaking aspect of GOPAN is that the regular rice you have at home can be used! And of course, regular wheat bread can be baked. The price of this wonderful device will be around $550-650. It may sound a little expensive, but it will pay for itself  in the long run if you are a real bread-lover(^^).



Here is more information on the video. Check it out!




SANYO will export GOPAN to other countries quite soon, after the Japanese debut. Maybe GOPAN is coming to your county, too!?


Source: SANYO website


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