Japanese Rice Lovers’ Barbecue!?


As you may know, Japanese people love rice so much. It might be a little amazing to hear that we cook rice even when we’re having an outdoor barbecue party. We are rice lovers!

Usually you get wood for a at the store, don’t you? For his blog, this guy is trying to cut his own firewood and cook rice for a barbecue. How exciting! He must be an extra-special rice lover.

Let’s just see what happens (^^).


Let’s go!



He journeys deep into the mountains.




Go deeper and deeper!


Yes! He found a good tree, finally.



It was a long way. He must be exhausted…. Wait! No, he is not tired at all. He just pretended that he went a long way.


He just moved ooooonly a little.

Anyway, he is going to cut down this tree because it is the only one that the owner of the mountain property allowed him to. (^^;)






Oh. He is having a difficult time.




He actually wanted to cut tall trees like a cool lumberjack, but he couldn’t do it.


Still, he can manage a tree like this.
Now, let’s go back and prepare for the barbecue.


He has to cut the tree up into pieces.


First, with a chainsaw.


And, with an axe.

Then, with a small hatchet.


He did it! 
It’s enough firewood to cook rice with and it cost him nothing.
Great job!


Ready to set fire.


He lit a fire.  Blow harder!


He is trying to fan the flames for a bigger fire.
Keep going!


Because of the smoke, he is having a fit of coughing.
Don’t give up!



And finally…!?



Well, what he learned from this brave attempt is that green wood will not burn easily, if at all.
He also learned that rice cookers work quite well, too.



Viva rice cookers!! You can cook delicious rice without going to the mountain (*^o^*) /


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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