Paddy Field Art -Tanbo Art in Japan






This is a tanbo art -paddy field art in English- exhibited in Inakadate village in [W:Aomori Prefecture] in 2009.

It is NOT painted or burnt but various types and colors of rice are used to create a giant picture.



The video below is the latest Tanbo art 2010 created in the same village.




It is great!!


Both are Japanese historical figures; the left one is Benkei and the right one is Ushiwakamaru.


And this is a fast-forwarding movie showing how the rice grows and make picture.




Tanbo art project are held each year in various rice fields in Japan. The main sites are Inakadate Village, Minami Tsugaru, [W:Aomori Prefecture]; Anjo and Nishio, [W:Aichi Prefecture]; Yonezawa, [W:Yamagata Prefecture]; and Kita-ku, Niigata, [W:Niigata Prefecture].


Tanbo art usually completes at the end of July and in October, they hold harvest festival and crop the rice with many participants.


This is JAPAN Style!


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