KAWAII! Local Pop Idol Groups Are Hot in West Japan

Just like the local idol group “AKB48” from Akihabara, Tokyo, Kansai district is burning to produce their own idle groups.

“K.K Eleven” consists of 11 girls from [W:Kyoto]. It just debuted two weeks ago.

Each member has a nick name derives from Kyoto such as Gion, Kiyomizu and Teramachi.

They sing and dance in Kimono costumes made in Kyoto.

Another idol group from Kansai district “JK21” sings a professional baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers’ official supporter’s song “WIN! WIN! Tigers”.


“WIN! WIN! Tigers”


“JK21” released their first album “Chaunen (Kansai slang meaning like “that’s not right.” Kansai people have the habit of saying the word)” at the end of last year.

These idol groups perform at shopping malls and local events to cheer the people in Kansai.

Hopefully, those girls play their part in activating the area’s economy and tourism.


This is JAPAN Style!


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