Matsutake — Japanese Mushroom

matsutake01Matsutake is a popular autumn mushroom.

It is hard to cultivate matsutake and cannot be in mass production, so they are considered as rich food.

Especially Japanese matsutake are expensive; one matsutake is about 8,000 to 9,000 yen.

In recent years, many reasonable imported matsutake from Korea or China are sold.

Matsutake mushrooms grow in red pine forests in Japan.

It is said that it takes 8 years for a spore of matsutake to grows to be a mushroom.

Matsutake is called the king of mushrooms for its aroma, texture and the taste.

The mushroom is eaten in various way, such as dobin-mushi (earth ware teapot steamed), matsutake-gohan (rice cooked with matsutake) or simply grilled.

rice cooked with matsutake

rice cooked with matsutake






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