Rice Bread Cooker “GOPAN” Popular in Japan


One of the best selling products now in Japan is “GOPAN,” the world first rice bread cooker that can make bread from rice grain. Since SANYO Electric released the magic machine in November 2010, it immediately got popular and now it is difficult to get.

What makes is so popular? Because it is tasty, healthy and easy!

The rice bread made with GOPAN is very moist and contains more water than wheat bread. Also the amino acid score of the rice bread is one and a half times as much as that of wheat bread. Moreover the rice bread is low-calorie compare to wheat bread.

Making rice bread with GOPAN is very simple. You just put washed rice in the bucket and add sugar, salt, and shortening. Also put gluten and yeast in the separate case on the machine. And then select “rice bread” course in the menu button and press start. About four hours later, your homemade rice bread will be completed!! The machine has timer, so you can enjoy freshly made bread in a morning.


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