Agriculture Boom among Youngs in Japan


Japanese Rice Field

Rice Field. (C)カンちゃん

Kitchen garden is no more for only elder people or retired people in Japan.

In recent years, kitchen garden is popular among 20s to 30s young people.


While most people enjoy it as a hobby, some people even get into more serious agriculture or farming.

The recession, eco and organic food boom and other factors can be considered as triggers of the agriculture boom.

Riding on the wave of the movement, an agriculture magazine targeting young people are published.

It’s called “Agrizm” and the first issue sold 30,000 copies.

Although it’s targeting 20s to early 30s people, the buyers’ range is teenagers to 70s.

If this boom goes on, it may able to stop depopulation of countryside in Japan.


Home Planted Tomato

Home Planted Tomato

This is JAPAN Style!


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