Tenugui — Japanese Smooth Cotton Towels

Tenugui are Japanese traditional towels, made of smooth cotton.

They are rectangular and usually printed or dyed.

There are many fans who are fascinated with the soft and beautiful desins of tenugui.

Tenugui is used in various ways.

[7 Ways to Make Use of a Tenugui]

1. Just like any other towels.
2. Frame it and decorate on a wall.
3. As a bag or holder.
4. Wear it like a scarf.
5. As a hair band.
6. As a furoshiki (wrapping cloth).
7. Rip it and use as bandage.

Tenugui is useful, isn’t it?

It’s a good idea to carry some tenugui during one’s trip.


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Japanese Tenugui. Photo by LAGOON

Japanese Tenugui. Photo by LAGOON