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[Photoblog] Nostalgic Memories

Tayama Elementary School ended its 128-year-long history in 2003. You can imagine kids washing brushes after an art class. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is…

[Photoblog] A Lot of Memories

This is a picture of old Tayama Elementary School. The school ended its 128-year-long history in 2003. It is now used as an event hall. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter←…

“Disaster Diaries” of Children

More than two months has passed since the quake. Students of an elementary school in Iwate prefecture record how their lives are going after the tsunami, in their “Disaster Diaries”….

[Photoblog] Demolished School Busy With People

Tayama elementary school in Minamiyamashiro village, Kyoto, ended its 128-year history in the spring of 2003. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

Wasabi Stories vol.233: Because You Do Not Have Confidence, You Compare Yourself With Others

Today’s story-teller is a former professional marathon runner Yuko Arimori. The topic was about the encouraging words that was given to Arimori by one of her school teachers. She was…

Wow! Trash Throwing Tricks by High School Students in Okinawa

  Here is a cool video of high school students who perform trash throwing tricks at school. They are in [W:Okinawa], and call themselves K.G.S.   [Part1]  

Wasabi Stories vol.185: “Ask if You Are Not Sure. Speak Out if You Have Any Objections”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Ask if You Are Not Sure. Speak Out if You Have Any Objections” Today’s story-teller is financial analyst Takuro Morinaga, 53 years old….

School Izakaya Japanese Style Dining Bar

An elementary school like izakaya Japanese style dining bar, “roku nenn yon kumi (sixth grade classroom four)” operates six locations in Japan; four in Osaka, one in Fukuoka, and one…

Japanese Schoolchildren’s Thirty-one-legged Race

  You may have seen or done three-legged race but what about thirty-one-legged race? In Japan “The Elementary School Thirty-One-Legged Race Championship” was used to be held annually by TV…

The Story Behind a Popular Song which Given Teachers to Students

  Today, let me share the wonderful story behind one of the popular graduation songs in Japan. As you can see in the article JAPAN Style posted yesterday, “10 Top…

Wasabi Stories vol.12: “Before Telling What to Do, Show Good Example”

  –Introduction– “Wasabi Stories” is a quotation and summary of a column which touches ones heart or not found on the internet. It is a Japanese famous person’s story extracted…