Wasabi Stories vol.233: Because You Do Not Have Confidence, You Compare Yourself With Others

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is a former professional marathon runner Yuko Arimori.

The topic was about the encouraging words that was given to Arimori by one of her school teachers.

She was clumsy and had no confidence in herself when she was a child.

She did not enjoy running. Contrary, her brother could do anything. So she used to be compared with her brother all the time. That made her more timid.

When she was in the fourth grade at school, she joined a summer school that a lot of children got together and worked on assignments. She was shy and could not fit in with the other children. Ando, the physics teacher, talked to her: “You do not have to compare yourself with the others. Your weak points are possibly be good points. You should get the most out of yourself.

When Ando told her these words, Arimori realized that there was a teacher who understood what she was thinking. She was so happy about it. Since then, she has started enjoying to try to do things.

Gradually, she started becoming more positive than before. After she started junior high school, she started winning 800 meter marathons at field days in a row. She learned that she could make things happen if she tried hard.

And she started getting serious about running when she entered high school. After telling the story, Arimori commented about the children’s education today.

She understands that parents want to give good education to their children from early age, but she has doubt about hothouse children. She thinks educating humanity is more important than expanding knowledge and techniques when the children are in early elementary grades.

She means that it is important to educate children manners and obligations so that they can develop their spirit of commitment.


Arimori says, “I understand people rush into things in this hectic society. But I want parents or teachers to slow down and wait for their children. Not to give up on them because they cannot do things quickly and well, but I want them to observe their expressions and study why they cannot do things what they are trying to do. It may create a possibility for the children to do things better.”


The NIKKEI 03/26/2010 by Yuko Arimori (former professional marathon runner)


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