Wow! Trash Throwing Tricks by High School Students in Okinawa


Here is a cool video of high school students who perform trash throwing tricks at school. They are in [W:Okinawa], and call themselves K.G.S.





Amazing, isn’t it? I wonder how many times they made misshots to take the clips.


The person who updated the video says,

“Everyone in the class cooperated with us. To make it cool, everyone pretended to be natural!! After we stopped the camera, they cheered wildly!”


The video got more than 44,000 views so far, and positive comments such as “We copied you guys because it was too cool LOL” “Looks fun♪ I want to try that!” “Let me join in K.G.S. O(≧∇≦)o←” and “Eco-group lol”

There are 4 parts, so you can see more K.G.S. Part4 has some misshot clips at the end.









It looks fun making the video with friends and classmates. It’s going to be a good memory of youth for them (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!



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