Wasabi Stories vol.232: Many Cases of Problems Come From Feelings

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is natural life specialist Noriko Sakoh.

“Is there anything I can do to eliminate my husband’s ‘kareishu’?”(The old men’s body odor is called ‘kareishu’ in Japanese.)

Lately, Sakoh gets this question from her students who attend her cleaning courses frequently. This is the topic of the story.

She would understand if the question was about odors of pets or kid’s rooms, but she is not entirely comfortable with eliminating husband’s body odor.

She replies to the question when they ask. Adding 1/4 baking soda in 1 liter of water and soaking clothes over a night helps to eliminate body odor on the clothes.



She says, “The other day, a student asked me if it is OK to put baking soda directly over her husband. I was shocked. She hates her husband’s body odor so much. It seems like the fundamental problem is in her feelings.”

She described a result of a research: The answers for the survey; “describe your relationship with your husband or wife in one Chinese character” was ‘happiness’ for couples in their 20s, but it was ‘patience’ for couples in their 40s.

Such question which is mentioned above reflects the result of the research. There is ‘patience’ behind this background.

If a couple is happy with their relationship, they would be put up with it.

However, if there is ‘patience’ in the relationship, they may start getting bothered with things they normally do not recognize.

So if her point of view is correct, eliminating the body odor may not solve the problem.

And As specific actions, she tells them to change diet from meat based diet to vegetable based diet, soak husbands’ clothes in a detergent over a night and so forth. She tells them to show their husbands that they are trying to compromise with each other by making actions.


Sakoh says, “Personally, I think that if they can stay together and care for each other, a husband with a body odor is far better than a husband who does not help housework at all. There are a lot of women who are distressed. I wish men would care a bit more about their wives.”


The NIKKEI 03/24/2010 by Noriko Sakoh (natural life specialist)

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