Japanese Schoolchildren’s Thirty-one-legged Race


You may have seen or done three-legged race but what about thirty-one-legged race?

In Japan “The Elementary School Thirty-One-Legged Race Championship” was used to be held annually by TV Asahi Corporation.

In this event, 30 classmates line up in a single row with their legs tied together at the ankles, and run 50 meters together.

It is a national championship but teams from other countries including China, Korea, Kenya, Nigeria, Cuba, and Brazil joined the competition too.



This I think is a regional semifinal.




They really show their spirits!

And you can tell how much they practiced it, because they couldn’t run so fast together without practicing.

The championship tournament had been broadcasted ever year at prime-time since 1996 to 2009.

In the event, a lot of tears were shed; tears of victory and tears of loss.

It is very touching to see children aiming one goal with teammates and sharing emotions and passions together.

Another good thing about the event is that many Japanese children are busy going cram schools but through the 31-legged race, they learned teamwork and sense of achievement.

The 31-legged race is no longer held for various reasons but it moved many people’s hearts in the 14 years of history.



This is JAPAN Style!


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