What Are You Going to Do If You Lost Your iPhone!? Part 2

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This is continued from the part1. I talked about that I lost my iPhone and luckily found it.

Although it was undamaged, I thought about the bitter experience and felt keenly the need to prepare steps to deal with the situation.

So I searched and found a blog that can be useful. Let me share it with you.

The information maybe common things for heavy iPhone users but please don’t say “I know it already” and be my company (^_^)

First of all, the blogger lost his iPhone too. Based on his experience, he listed the things to do when you lost your iPhone.


1. Call the iPhone over and over

The important thing is to do is to call your iPhone over and over. Even you lock the phone with a password, the phone can receive a call, so someone picked the phone may answer.


2. Report to Station and Police Box

(If you lost your iPhone in a train) You report to the station of course. Do you know “koban”? They are Japanese police boxes stand in various parts of a town. Usually a couple of police men resides in it and maintain public order. It might be one of the reasons why Japan is a safe county.

If you lost your iPhone, report to the closest police box from where you lost it.


3. Stop the Circuit

If no one answers your missing iPhone, promptly take steps to stop the circuit. Once you call the customer center, they immediately stop the circuit, and when you find it, they reconnect it again.


4. Prior Measure

What can you do beforehand in case you lose your iPhone?

There are some applications that tells where it is when it is missing (For example: Undercover) but they don’t function unless anyone picked the phone start the application. So they are kind of useless.

Meanwhile, this application named MobileMe seems very useful.

What you can do with MobileMe

* Locate the iPhoneon a map

* Set password lock by remote control

* Sound the iPhone and display message on it to get noticed

* Save your privacy with Remote Wipe.


Only MobileMe can do this much at the present time. The blogger said “I don’t want other functions, so I wish they provide it at 3,000 yen (US$36) a year with these functions only (the regular price is 9,800 yen (US$119) in Japan.)”


Someone actually found an iPhone thief by using MobileMe in America.


5. Conclusion

In conclusion, if you worry about your iPhone getting stolen, it would be better signing MobileMe.

Secondly, password lock is 200 % necessary! (though it is pain entering password at each time)

Lastly, don’t forget to backup the data regularly on iTunes! Even if you lost your iPhone and replaced a new one, you can recover the data with the backup data at once!


Anyway, in my case I immediately locked my returned iPhone with password before anything (LOL)


Please be careful everyone!


Source: http://blog.caraldo.net/2010/02/iphone_3gs_1.php
(in Japanese)



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