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70% Female with Boyfriend Wait for Marriage Proposal?

It is July now, but 3rd June was ‘marriage proposal day’ in Japan.  (Is this only in Japan?)  So, in relation to this, I found an article about marriage proposal…

[Japan after Quake] How Did the Metropolitans’ Life Change after the Earthquake? – A Survey Result – Part1

After a month since the East Japan massive earthquake, Japanese research companies Research-and-Development and Cross Marketing jointly conducted “Survey on Metropolitan Residents Attitude toward Life and Consumption,” and the result…

The Best of Embassies in Tokyo

    I live in Tokyo, where embassies are concentrated. I don’t know how many but I found a blog written about the embassies in Tokyo on a unique point…

[Special Report] I joined the Konseki-bon Tour in Tokyo !

  JAPAN Style introduced “konseki-bon (marked/scribbled book)” in a past article. The “konseki-bon” collector, Mr. Yoshizawa from [W:Aichi Prefecture] held a tour the other day, and I participated in it….