If There Was an Internet Forum in Cats World, the Topic Threads Would be…

I found a funny post that jokes about if there was 2ch in cats’ world. 2ch is the Japanese biggest internet forum. The following is a list of topic threads that cats might post.


Japanese cats

"HIRAOKA,Yasunobu" some rights reserved. flickr


Oh Noooo… Gonna Get Castrated Tomorrow Part 2 (910)

Tell Me How to Get a Fake Pedigree

Plastic Water Bottles to Keep Us Away “What a Foolish Idea”

“Again” Beaten by Jerry Mouse “No Hope”

I’m a Winner cuz I’m non-castrated

Making My Owner Truly Angry “Pushing ‘Reset’ on Game System before Saving”

The Thread to Discuss how to Take Out a Marble under a Fridge

Odor of Mandarin Orange is Insane “Don’t Put it on Me”

Talk about Trippin’ Experience on Catnip Part 2

Do Something about (Nutty) Owners who Try to Take us Walk on Leash! “Can’t Stand it!”

Congrats! Appearance on Pochitama! “Be Popular!”  *Pochitama is a pet TV show.

“News Paper” Makes us Want to Play with it for Some Reason “Fascinating”

Hanging Strings “Ceiling Light” “Hooded Parker”

“Stupid Owner” What Should We Bring Home to Make Them Happy?

“Urban Legend” There Are Some People that Eat Us…

“Cat Dash” Drifting at a Curve is a Basic

Don’t Talk to Us Outside! “Feign Ignorance”

Worry about Owner who Can’t Even Hunt

Name the Games that We Pressed Reset Button

Plan of Breaking into Tokyo Disney Land Mission 4

My Owner Brought a Friend Today, So I Hissed at Him for Nothing

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mating Season is Coming

Toilet “Yummy” Water

The Black Cat of the Kuroneko Yamato (Delivery Service) Is ME! Part 7!


Japanese cats

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Dan Dickinson

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The “Tokyo Disney Land Mission 4” is a good one! It’s like they have failed three times in the past LOL (^o^)

Cats drinking toilet water is so common, I guess it is a universal joke.


Source: Waraeru 2ch (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!