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Godzilla Tours Tokyo in 2014!

  Godzilla’s official teaser website has been released, celebrating his 60th anniversary coming up in 2014. The website is interactive and has several secret surprises that can be activated with your keyboard. Godzilla appears in…

Sky-Rocketing Popularity of Spouse Hunting Bus Tour!

As some of you remember, I previously covered several ’spouse hunting activities’ in Japan.  Today, I’m introducing new type of spouse hunting going on in Japan now!     This…

Factory Tour by Double Deck Bus without Roof

Metropolitan Expressway Kawasaki Line is a comparatively-new expressway, gallantly runs through the factory group of Kawasaki area in Kanagawa prefecture. We can see such a beautiful view of  the factories from the…

[Special Report] I joined the Konseki-bon Tour in Tokyo !

  JAPAN Style introduced “konseki-bon (marked/scribbled book)” in a past article. The “konseki-bon” collector, Mr. Yoshizawa from [W:Aichi Prefecture] held a tour the other day, and I participated in it….