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Jellyfish Restaurant at Kamo Aquarium: Enjoy Appetizer to Dessert!

At Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture has the largest number of jellyfish species on display in the world. They usually exhibit 30 to 40 species according to the season…

Japanese Steam Pan for cooking

    This is steam pot with a lid and a drainboard. 100V and 200V electromagnetic. OK for microwave, oven and direct heat usages. Good item for a wedding gift….

Rice Bread Cooker: GOPAN

  Next month the Japanese electric company, SANYO, introduces the world first rice bread cooker: GOPAN. GOPAN = gohan (rice) + pan (bread). Recently, rice bread has become very popular…

Japanese IH-enabled Cooking Pan cookware

    This is removable-handled cooking pan with a single handle and a pair of handles, and a glass lid. 200V electromagnetic cooking device applicable. Florine contained resin inside and…

Wasabi Stories vol.121: “Don’t ask someone question so easily, try it for yourself”

  — ABOUT  Wasabi Stories… —   “Don’t ask someone question so easily, try it for yourself” Today’s story teller is a natural-life specialist, Noriko Sakou. Giving her experiences, she…

Easy Healthy Delicious “Shabu-shabu”

Have you ever had shabu-shabu? Shabu-shabu is a Japanese table cook dish, which uses thinly sliced meat and vegetables.    

Yuck! Bug Gummy Maker GUMMIX

  This is a report of a weird cooking toy I bought the other day. First, look at the package.    

Japanese Traditional Style IRORI (cooking pan)

    This is a Japanese traditional pan.   It’s so COOL, isn’t it?   This is JAPAN Style!     You should follow me on Twitter HERE.   If…

JAPAN WINS IN PARIS! – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

    This Japanese cook book titled “Stories and Recipes of Local Cuisine in Japan” won the “Best Local Cookery Book in the World” at the GOURMAND Cookbook Awards in…

Let’s Make Traditional Japanese New Year’s Food, Osechi!!

      In Japan, we eat traditional Japanese New Year foods called osechi, during the first three days of the new year. The foods are beautifully dished in special…

HEALSIO — Japanese SHARP brand Water Oven

    Sharp’s water oven Healsio (“reducing salt” in Japanese, also refers “Healthy”) series is enable to cook healthy meal by reducing salt and oil at home.