Futuristic Architectures in Tokyo Waterfront City

Tokyo Waterfront City, also known as Odaiba or Rainbow Town is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.

The large artificial island was drastically developed in mid 1990s, when silver, futuristic buildings were built there one after another.


Here are some examples!


Ariake Sports Center (Completed in 1996)


Looks like R2-D2’s cousin(^_^) In the building, there are training room, gym, swimming pools, which is heated by utilizing waste of heat from the waste incineration plant next to the building. The Sewerage Exhibit Hall “RAINBOW” on the fifth floor is a promotion hall to teach visitors the sewerage system.


Tokyo Big Sight (1995)

Tokyo Big Sight

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Four pyramids are upside down! It holds 22 meeting rooms and a reception hall. The connected buildings are exhibition halls.


Telecom Center Building (1995)

telecom center bldg.

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It is an intelligent building with large satellites and antennas. The observation deck is opened for public and offering the great view of the Tokyo Bay and landmarks of Odaiba.


Fuji TV Building (1996)

Fuji TV building

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The most famous building in Odaiba. It is the head office of Fuji Television Network and has its main studios. The ball part is an observatory and opened for public.


Tokyo Joypolis, Palette Town, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation are near the Fuji TV building.


This is JAPAN Style!