Effective Electricity Conservation

Because of the recent earthquake, we are experiencing planned brownouts in areas within the jurisdiction of Tokyo Electric Power Co. Tokyo & eight prefectures are divided into five groups, and each group has different three hour brownout windows between 6:20-22:00. (The announcement changes many times though…) Today, let me tell you the methods for effective electricity conservation.



[What to prepare before brownout]

* Unplug / turn off electric devices

* Electric water pumps won’t function. Check yours. If it is electric, store some water in the bathtub and fridge.

* Fridges can retain coldness for a few hours (kept closed) even without power. However, it’s better to put some refrigerants around fresh food.

* Charge your hand phones, computers, and so on, in anticipation of a power loss.

* Prepare a battery-operated radio and flashlights.

* Prepare meals before a brownout. (Remember that you can’t use a ventilating fan when you warm up your meal)


[Effective electricity conservation]

* Avoid using electricity during times of peak consumption (18:00~19:00)

* Avoid using candles. It may cause a fire.

* Unplug unnecessary devices. Even in a standby mode, they are consuming electricity.

* Avoid putting too many things in the fridge, and set the temperature a little lower than usual.

* Remember that washing machines, rice cookers, microwaves etc. use a lot of power.

* Wear warm clothes and set the thermostat temperature lower.

* Close curtains and keep your rooms warm


We may have to suffer small inconveniences, but let’s do whatever we can to ease the burden!

Source: YAHOO JAPAN    http://setsuden.yahoo.co.jp/