Wasabi Stories vol.121: “Don’t ask someone question so easily, try it for yourself”


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“Don’t ask someone question so easily, try it for yourself”

Today’s story teller is a natural-life specialist, Noriko Sakou.

Giving her experiences, she told that asking someone a question is easy but that is not always the best.

When she was cooking at a party with her friends, she hear everyone asking like

“Where is a pot?”

“Do we have a peeler?”

“Is there a steamer?”



Because they have never used the kitchen, they don’t know what are where.

Finally, one of them couldn’t stand the storm of questions and said “we all don’t know what are where. So if you need something, find it by yourself. ”


She told another experience, where she was talking with her friend on a phone, she was asked how to clean a sink.

The friend rubbed a sink with baking soda, it stuck on the sink.

Sakou told her “Put vinegar to melt it.”

And the friend asked “How much vinegar? Just once?”

She didn’t know what answer to make because she didn’t see the sink.

After thinking hard, she told the friend, “Just try it. It will melt the baking soda easily.”

Later, she got email from the friend saying “I sprayed half and half of water and vinegar on it, and it worked. I should have tried sooner before thinking.”

Speaking of baking soda, when Sakou wrote on a magazine, “When you boil a bamboo shoot, put a little baking soda in boiling water”, she got a question from the readers, “How much is a little’?”

“A little” is certainly a vague expression; however, how to boil it depends on how one wants it.

The real pleasure of cooking must be the process that you try different things, Sakou said.


When you have question, it is easy to ask someone, but as far as such little things in daily life and not dangerous, you would better try and see.


The NIKKEI Oct/28/2009  by Noriko Sakou (natural-life specialist)



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