Jellyfish Restaurant at Kamo Aquarium: Enjoy Appetizer to Dessert!

At Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture has the largest number of jellyfish species on display in the world. They usually exhibit 30 to 40 species according to the season and condition of the jellyfish.

In the dimly-lit exhibition room, shoals of jellyfishes dance slowly. It is illusionary and soothing.



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The aquarium also features jellyfish restaurant which serves foods used jellyfish!

Deep-fried jellyfish and fish paste, raw jellyfish (sashimi), jellyfish summer roll, jellyfish…


This is jellyfish set meal.



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And jellyfish ramen and jellyfish summer roll.


Photo by kia_lys


For dessert, they have jellyfish used coffee, jelly, juice and Japanese sweets. The picture below is soda flavored ice cream with chunky jellyfish.


Photo by suou_h


If you ever go there and don’t feel like eating jellyfish, please don’t worry, the restaurant serves jellyfish-free foods such as pizza, spaghetti, and beef bowl.

Other attractions are including the feeding shows of black-tailed gulls, earless seal, penguin, sea lion, and jellyfish.


To see more information, visit Kamo Aquarium website (English).



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